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The Hell Is This Game?  
11:50am 10/10/2009
Gregory Weir
So anh_irrsinn mentioned a game she thought she had seen me play. It may have been a demo, or it may have been on GameTap. It would have been played circa 2006. The opening cutscene showed a man struggling through a mountainous blizzard, with some kind of important sword. It was a long, boring, melodramatic cutscene. Shortly into the game, I fought a big monster, maybe a yeti? But brown. The main character was an anime-styled guy, possibly bishounen, possibly with "pointy shoulders." But not cartoony; relatively realistic graphics.

It would have been a PC game, 3D graphics, either action-adventure or action-RPG, probably third-person. And really over-dramatic.

I have no idea what she's talking about. Does anyone know what game this is? It's been driving me nuts all morning.
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11:11pm 10/10/2009 (UTC)
Is it Septerra Core? The main character doesn't have a sword, but it is an RPG with a main character who is anime-styled.
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05:16pm 11/10/2009 (UTC)
Gregory Weir
No. Opening cutscene's not long enough, not snowy, and not nearly dramatic enough. According to Lissa.
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